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In the 12th century, the explorer Marco Polo wrote that Sri Lanka was the finest island in the whole world. For centuries it had been a tourism destination, particularly for European travelers. Recently, the Sri Lankan Civil War that spanned over 25 years and ended in 2009 has had a negative impact on tourism and the growth of the industry stagnated, however...

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Leila Musmari(United Kingdom)

I have been to this beautiful island for the first time in my life and the experience was awesome. Without Voyage Wonders, the experience would have been different...

Yong Li Ming(Malaysia)

This is my 1st time to visit Sri Lanka, is fun. Their service is good & easy to communicate. We will use their service again. 这是我第一次去斯里兰卡,很好玩。我很喜欢他们的服务,也很容易沟通。如果有机会,下次还会再用他们的服务!

Frenchi Valentina (Spain)

They have proven to be very courteous and helpful from the very beginning. The guides and drivers are very professional and friendly, I highly recommend them.